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AIME welcome event storms it in


Solution Entertainment was the proud producer of the 25th AIME welcome reception held at the picnic Carousel in Albert Park, catered by food&desire.


The theme was Creative Victoria and was executed with a fantastic team of industry professionals.

The event suppliers were as follows:

  • Belle Balloons (balloon installation)
  • food&desire
  • Where The Grass is Green (roof installation)
  • Harry The Hirer (production + furniture)

    AIME 4

Entertainment was all run internally and had the following elements:

  • Electric harpist on the rooftop
  • David Bromley live painting a giant 25 to be used at the MCEC following the event
  • 2 x premier beat boxes VS Josh Pitterman (well-known opera singer)
  • Poet Rupert Macall
  • 15 x contemporary ballet dancers
  • The amazing LE SOUL band spinning tunes on the balcony
  • Sailboats with a custom-designed event logo sailing in the lake
    AIME 2

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