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Sneak peek: Leaders Forum 2017

The Ideas Library co-founder and director Gwen Luscombe

The Ideas Library co-founder and director Gwen Luscombe

Want to find out what PR insights Gwen Luscombe from The Ideas Library has to share? Read on for an exclusive preview.

Luscombe says, “Chances are your very best publicity tool is sitting around your office collecting dust.

“For as long as I’ve been in the event industry, I’ve come across organisers by the dozen telling me all about this amazing event they did, how gorgeous it looked, how cleverly the theming complemented the marketing message. When I asked if they had photos taken, they’d almost always say, “Oh, yes, they’re on a USB somewhere in the office.”

“Since launching The Ideas Library, we’ve spent so much of our time assisting not just event organisers, but suppliers in blowing their own horns.  Too often we’ve encountered the typical situation that there’s simply no one who has the time to put together blog pieces, write up case studies, upload all those  images to social media,  which means they’re missing out on showing the greater industry exactly what they can do.

“Too often we forget the importance of promoting ourselves and using all this content that we already own, but it’s so important you do. Think about everything you already own, your photography, social media accounts (including your website) and customer databases,” she said.

So what does Luscombe recommend that you do to avoid missing precious PR opportunities? Check out the February 2017 print or digital edition of Spice for the full article, jam-packed with expert advice to make your 2017 the best year ever.


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