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New event freelancer platform set to launch

Air events global founder Victoria Garlick

Air events global founder Victoria Garlick

Air events global is a new community platform that connects people who want to outsource event work (clients) to people who are looking for event work (event freelancers).

Air events global is the easiest way for people to monetise their expertise and showcase it to a wide audience on a worldwide platform via an online marketplace that connects people, businesses and enterprises with people who want to complete jobs to earn money.

It covers all event services, from booking casual event staff to work pre, execution and post event, booking a makeup artist to do professional makeup for a bridal party, booking a Virtual Event Assistant to work on the pre-planning of an event to booking casual wait staff for a 40th birthday party.

Air events global and founder and CEO, Victoria Garlick says, “The idea of Air events global came to me as I was speaking with a group of event management students and a client about casual employment in the event management field. The students were discussing about how hard it was to juggle studying, part time work and their social lives. They also spoke about how hard it was to find casual work when it suited them because they didn’t like being locked into a fortnightly roster at a retail outlet or restaurant.

“The conversation then changed to the client saying how often they would love to have an extra set of hands at an event and how they could no longer rely on volunteers, as they often didn’t turn up or they didn’t have any ownership or accountability of their work. It was a light bulb moment as I realised that I could meet this need for both sides of the marketplace and thus, created Air events global.”

So how does it work from the client side? Garlick explains,”As a shared economy platform, you post the event brief and then event freelancers apply for the work and you approve or decline them. There is no cost at all to you, nor is there any obligation to go ahead if there is no one that you think is suitable (although in saying that, we have some incredible event freelancers on Air events global already).”


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