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Secure Tours and Travel launches in Australia


Secure Tours and Travel  founder Matt Harrison

Say hello to Australia’s newest niche tour operator offering travel packages and luxury experiences with a focus on safety and security.

Owner and founder Matt Harrison said, “Secure Tours and Travel provides our clients with complete peace of mind by delivering the ultimate travel experience from conception to completion. Our clients are secure in the knowledge that everyone is in safe hands. All of our approved venues and locations are vetted for their suitability using our exclusive assessment process which rates their security and safety aspects. There is no other organisation that is able to provide you with in-house licensed security and safety experts.

“We are pleased to launch our business to the inbound tourism markets and to the Australian domestic and corporate markets. Our point of difference as a niche tour operator is on the accreditation offering providing the industry with a unique opportunity to be independently assessed on their safety and security.

“We receive regular feedback from customers that in today’s environment, personal safety and security are at the top of the list when considering where and how they will travel,” said Harrison.

Secure Tours and Travel provides seamless travel arrangements for those seeking a business or leisure experience in a private, and safe and secure environment. Parent company AFS brings extensive knowledge and over 27 years’ experience in the Australian security services environment.

‘‘We have engaged the services of experienced tourism consultant Gary O’Riordan to help drive the business forward and look forward to participating in industry events and connecting with many Australian product suppliers around the country. We are willing to provide nothing but an authentic and safe touring experience for our travellers,” said Harrison.


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