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Event professionals – can you tick all the boxes?


Today’s professional event manager needs to be constantly updating their skills and knowledge in order to perform at the level expected of them by their organisations and/or clients. This is not an easy task given the time pressures associated with working in this dynamic field. Sometimes, however, taking time out to grow professionally is simply a must. Looking at the list below, and thinking about your own situation, try and identify by ticking the relevant boxes, areas where you believe you might benefit from improving your existing skill and knowledge base.

□  Event concept development & creation

□  Venue design and layout

□  Theming & production

□  Event marketing & social media promotion

□  Event planning and project management

□  Risk management

□  Budgeting

□  Supplier management

□  ‘Green’ event production

□  Leadership & volunteer management

□  Event monitoring, shutdown & evaluation


If, like most event managers we have surveyed, you have ticked a number of these boxes, you may find it valuable to take a little time out from your pressured routine to engage in a short and highly focused education program designed to further enhance your abilities as a practicing event manager. The Australian Event Award winning 4-day Executive Certificate in Event Management delivered by the Australian Centre for Event Management, University of technology Sydney, was designed to meet this need.

The Australian Centre of Event Management, University of Technology Sydney, is proud to announce the Executive Certificate in Event Management dates for 2016:

1–4 March 2016
25-28 October 2016

12-15 April 2016
20 – 23 September 2016

17 – 20 May 2016

9 -12 August 2016

15 – 18 August 2016

21-24 June 2016
22-25 November 2016

Registrations are now open. Enrol now to avoid disappointment as places are limited.

To learn more about the Executive Certificate in Event Management download the 2016 course brochure

The Executive Certificate in Event Management has been conducted for over 17 years, in both Australia and overseas (e.g. London, Edinburgh, Singapore) and has been delivered to over 4000 participants either already working in the event industry or seeking to develop careers within it. To hear what a selection of our past students have had to say about this program and the contribution it has made to their professional development. Simply click here

For further information visit au/ or call 02 9514 5156