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Hot venue: Bistro Mint

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Sebastien Lutaud, general manager Culinary Services for Restaurant Associates and head chef Joey Ingram hard at work

The Mint in Macquarie St, Sydney is now home to a modern French Brasserie dubbed Bistro Mint.

The re-imagined venue was opened yesterday by the Minister for Heritage, Rob Stokes.

Stokes said, “The opening of Bistro Mint in Sydney oldest public building is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate and protect the building’s heritage while also supporting new business opportunities.”

Bistro Mint is the result of a partnership between the Historic Houses Trust and Restaurant Associates.

The restaurant opens at 8am for ‘Petit Déjeuner’ (breakfast). Head chef Joey Ingram said, “This can be a croissant and coffee, a baguette with fried egg or something more substantial, such as boudin noir (black sausage) and omelette Madeleine or France’s classic croque-monsieur.”

Lunch options range from sandwiches right through to contemporary French fare, including some more challenging options like veal tongue and snails for true Francophiles.

Bistro Mint is open Monday to Friday for breakfast and lunch from 8am to 4pm and the venue is available for private hire in the evening.


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