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Audi launch uses M.I.A and Janelle Monae hologram


Rapper M.I.A performed a duet with holographic Janelle Monae at the Audi A3 launch in the US earlier this month.

Audi held simultaneous launch events in Los Angeles and New York for its new Audi A3 sedan in the lead up to the New York International Auto Show.

With M.I.A performing live at New York’s S.I.R. Stage37 and Monaé on stage in Quixote Studios in Los Angeles, the German automotive brand and experiential agency MKG united the two separate performers onstage using hologram technology.

MKG creative director Lauren Austin said, “The new A3 is really a game changer for Audi and for the industry, and we wanted to launch the car in a way that told that story about innovation, design, and performance. It was incredibly exciting and fun to collaborate with Audi on this project because they were constantly pushing us to be as creative and innovative as possible.”

Adding to the stage visuals was a 3-D backdrop designed by Vita Motus Design Studio with Obscura Digital’s 3-D projections mapped to its surface. The animation on the structure played up the depth of field and amplified the visual illusion.


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