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Catering trend: Asador

If you haven’t heard of asador, it’s about time you did. This South American BBQ technique is the latest thing in not only creating stunning food, but also in providing interactive theatre and a warm place to stand on a chilly night.

The asador BBQs in full swing

Argentinian chef Jorge Guerrero, in partnership with chef Sacha Meier, are bringing a little piece of South America to the Victorian coastal town of Lorne.

Cater and Co’s Sacha Meier with Jorge Guerrero

The two formed Cater and Co a year and a half ago and their South American catering has taken off with locals and event planners alike.

Guerrero built the asador BBQs himself based on what his family used at home and now has eight that he can roll out to cater for large events, as well as running teambuilding cooking classes. His team will slow-cook whole lambs, pigs, chickens and beef over Red Gum coals and they can also teach guests to make dishes such as ceviche, empanadas and paella in hands-on tutorials.

A teambuilding group making paella

The meat is basted in a traditional marinade every half an hour for up to eight hours, with the cooked meat carved off during the course of the event.