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AIME 2014 survival guide

For those of you who attended the opening event last night, AIME has kicked off with its characteristic flair. Here are a few quick tips on getting the most out of Australia’s biggest industry pow wow.

The view over the AIME launch party last night

Wear flat, comfortable shoes: Ladies, this one is for you. Heels may look amazing but you will sorely regret wearing them after you’ve been on your feet for a few hours. Sacrifice looks for comfort and you will still be smiling at 10pm tonight.

Get your hands on some real coffee: There are impostors out there in the form of weak, filtered cuppa joe and instant. AIME is intense and your coffee should be too. The pop-up café in the forecourt of MCEC serves espresso. Get your hands on some (and keep it coming).

Stay hydrated: Keep a bottle of water with you. It’s a long day (and it’s going to be a long night). Sip on, friends.

Pack your charger: Don’t leave your hotel room without your phone, camera or iPad charger. There are various power points in the MCEC where you can charge your phone or, if you’re desperate, there’s a charge bar in the MCEC pop-up café that has a range of chargers. $5 for 25 minutes of power.

Business cards: Pack lots of them. Give them to everybody (and when you receive them from others, write a note on them to help you remember who gave it to you and what you spoke about).

Stay off the wines at lunchtime: The midday slump can be avoided if you stay away from booze until the sun heads towards the horizon.

Have a great AIME everyone and don’t forget to come and say hello to the Spice team in the A LIST Open House. A LIST Open House is a special space on the tradeshow floor where you can sample canapés, listen to some of Melbourne’s hottest entertainment and mingle with leading suppliers and venues from across the country. A LIST Open House is at Stand 18 and we’d love to see you there!