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The year ahead: 2014 preview

Anthony Halprin features in the 2014 Leaders Forum

Sense Events managing director Anthony Halprin shares his insight into what to expect in the year ahead.

He said, “I believe it will surround further advancements in micro-projection and LED technology. The flexibility of LED stage sets continued to be prominent in 2013 and are an obvious choice where budget permits. Social media and event specific mobile apps will also evolve in 2014 as the real and online worlds combine creating more hybrid event experiences. We’ve already started to work with drones as a unique way to video our events but I think they will also provide some other clever applications to outdoor and possibly indoor events.

Finding the right balance of technology will vary from event to event. It’s not for everyone and not to be overused just because it’s available. Overkill can also be a hindrance. We have to ask whether the technology will genuinely enhance the audience experience.”

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