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Project:Roam to light up Federation Square, Melbourne

Project:Roam, a mobile projection concept has been selected to participate in Melbourne’s upcoming digital festival, Pause Fest, taking place at Federation Square February 13-16, 2014.

Brought to life by a group of visual artists and animators, Project:Roam is a mobile concept using roving projection devices run through iPhones to produce large scale digital artworks.

Images can be viewed singularly as well as collectively over multiple canvases in and around Fed Square through the choreographed efforts of multiple operators.

Projectionists will produce a complete visual installation of movement and colour that interacts with the crowd with ‘freeform content’, allowing each projectionist to use of a variety of humorous content such as speech bubbles and playful characters.

2014’s ‘Connected’ theme will also allow Pause festival attendees to interact with the installations via social media channels.

The Project:Roam team is made up of producer Madeleine Preece and creative director Tyson Carr of experiential marketing company Carrspace; photographer Marija Ivkovic and technical director Brad Johnson of The Designed Space.

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