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Hybrid technology experts come together in Darwin

Asia-Pacific’s great minds and industry leaders in solar and hybrid technologies are to join forces in the Top End in the latest coup by Darwin Convention Centre.

WorldHybrid 2014 is the latest bid win for Darwin as the conference comes to the Darwin Convention Centre with up to 700 attendees.

Thanks to a joint effort with the Global IDN and the Northern Territory Convention Bureau (NTCB), next year will see Darwin’s award-winning convention centre host the second Asia Pacific Regional Conference on Solar and Hybrid Technologies: WorldHybrid2014.

With world-class speakers and a showcase of cutting-edge hybrid technologies which harness both renewable and fossil fuels, WorldHybrid is set to become the top solar and hybrid technology event in the region. The premiere event will be held in Malaysia this September.

“Hosting WorldHybrid 2014 further defines Darwin’s status as a thriving hub for innovation,” says Malu Barrios, general manager of the Darwin Convention Centre. “We’re thrilled to be hosting this event, another opportunity to showcase that we are ‘a powerhouse of ideas’.”

As home to key research facility The Centre for Renewable Energy (Charles Darwin University), some of the largest solar power stations in the Southern Hemisphere and world-leading low-emission power facilities, Darwin is the ideal host city for WorldHybrid – a conference dedicated to advancing solar and hybrid technologies in the Asia-Pacific region.

The event will introduce a new influx of Asia-Pacific delegates to the multifaceted charms of this vibrant city. Up to 700 attendees are expected to attend and up to 50 exhibition booths will feature as part of a world-leading technology showcase.

Darwin Convention Centre, Global IDN and the NTCB’s winning bid to host WorldHybrid2014 follows a concerted effort to raise the city’s profile within the Asian market of industry associations, and take advantage of its proximity to some of the world’s fastest-growing economies. As a multicultural city with a lively Asian influence courtesy of its migrant population, tropical Darwin holds strong appeal for event organisers and delegates hailing from the Asia-Pacific.

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