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Superheros take over Sydney Town Hall

Finishing off the year with a ‘Boom’ BelleLaide Events transformed Sydney’s Town Hall into a Superheros themed event for one unforgettable holiday party.

Transformers Optimus Prime and Bumblebee where on hand to kick off the festivites for the event.

Town Hall hosted over 1300 people for this corporate event where superheroes ran the show.

A custom built 3D book was built for the event to create a striking prop, standing a whopping 2.6 meters tall, said director Mark Taylor.

Guests were welcomed by a giant ‘Welcome to Gotham City’ book which stood 3 metres tall.

The event also included a colourful ribbon swatch intallation for Spiderman’s web.  

Guests were also entertained by costumed Transformers, Optimus Prime & Bumblebee.

A colourful ribbon installation was created as Spiderman’s web high above the guest’s heads.  

“The “Boom!” installation stood 3 meters in height – we went big on the installations due to the sheer size of that venue. Good wholesome fun. Cool themes don’t die,” said Taylor.

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