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Queenies opens in Sydney’s Surry Hills

Sydney’s Surry Hills has a new dining hotspot with the launch of new Jamaican Diner, Queenies.

Drink N Dine’s Jaime Wirth and James Miller have a knack for creating cool pub venues with great drinks, awesome food and an all round good vibe and their latest venture doesn’t disappoint.

Sydney’s newly-opened Jamacian Diner, Queenies.

The vibe and décor is Voodoo Diner and with large open booths, rum and beer for the dudes and cocktails for the girls, this is tipped to be popular BBQ pick up.

A Jamaican-inspired bar and kitchen, guests sampled the menu of ‘pan tropical specialties’ that came out in generous serves, encouraging diners to get in with their hands and share the experience.

The Jamaican inspired menu allowed guests to sample some of Queenies signature items.

The opening, held last week (18 October) saw guests sample the menu offerings including a prawn bammies, mini jerk pork burgers, kingfish ceviche and kingston kreme donuts, with jerk cream and spicy chocolate sauce.

The décor is a jungle diner vibe, complete with checkerboard floors, floral light fittings, wood laminex tables and colourful artworks.

Queenie’s is the sixth venture for the Drink N Dine guys, who started back in 2010 with hugely successful turnaround of other Sydney bars such as The Norfolk, before making names for themselves with The Carrington, The Abercrombie, The Forresters and more recently The Apartment.