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Do Something! launches Food Donation Toolkit for Aussie businesses

Aussie businesses are throwing away over a million tonnes of edible food every year because they wrongly think that they’re not allowed to donate it to those in need.

That’s one of the key messages from a new online food donation toolkit. A partnership initiative from Do Something! and the NSW EPA, ‘The Food Donation Tool Kit’ provides businesses with an easy ‘how to’ guide on the ways to donate surplus food.

John Dee, founder of action Group Do Something! has teamed with the NSW EPA to launch a Food Donation Toolkit

“Our toolkit aims to bring together businesses and food charities in a way that helps those Australians who are doing it tough,” said Jon Dee, founder of the action group Do Something.

“With so many Australians going hungry, it’s a shame that companies waste so much food,” said  Dee. “With the growth of food rescue programs from FoodBank, OzHarvest and SecondBite, companies of all sizes can now donate their good quality surplus food and feed people in need.”

Australians spend $7.8 billion a year on the food we buy but throw away and we’re dumping an estimated 4 million tonnes of food into landfill every year. 1.3 million tonnes of that food waste is from Australian businesses.

“That’s why it’s important for business to donate their good quality surplus food,” said Jon. “When businesses throw out food, they’re also throwing away all the water, energy and resources that it took to get that food from the farm to their business.”

Do Something! are making the tool kit available for free download at their web site. It is also available for download from the web site.

The toolkit is part of Do Something’s campaign. It gives advice to restaurants, cafes, food markets, retailers, farmers, food manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors.

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