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Newlight helps bring Ban Ki-moon address to the people

At his only public talk during his first visit to Australia, United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, addressed an audience of 1000 people to encourage them to ‘think big’ and make a difference in the world, with technical event support provided by Newlight Event Creation.

Speaking as part of the University of Sydney’s ‘Sydney Ideas’ public lecture series, Ki-Moon’s speech attracted such a large audience that four separate spaces were needed to accommodate the attendees.

In his only public address during his visit to Australia, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon addressed an audience 1000-strong at the University of Sydney.

Live video and audio transmitted his presentation from the Great Hall – where his speech was given – to the Ante Room, the General Lecture Theatre, to the front lawn, where speakers were placed specifically for the occasion. The speech was also broadcast live on the ABC and Sky News.

The complex logistics of the event, including all the film production and live streaming, was managed by Newlight Event Creation in conjunction with the University of Sydney.

The “Sydney Ideas” program runs each year and features leading international and Australian thinkers. The program runs short, evening talks and forums where the community can explore new research, new ideas and new thinking in an intimate and informal way.

Newlight provides the technical event support for these annual events. A prior working knowledge of the University of Sydney venue enabled Newlight’s technical production manager, Nick Djukanovic, to provide a tailored solution that would ensure seamless delivery resulting in a smooth-running, stress-free event for a much larger than normal audience.

“With my knowledge of the venue I was able to integrate our set-up with existing AV capability as well as bring in extra temporary installations to allow the separate areas to be a part of the lecture,” said Djukanovic.

Newlight is a newly formed events company which combines the strength and track-record of highly regarded creative production companies, Showcorp and Videoplus.


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