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ICCA Australia Business Workshop showcases the best of the Gold Coast

The ICCA Australia – Client/Supplier Business Workshop, a three day event had recently invited 14 ICCA Australian members and their association conference clients to experience the best of the Gold Coast within a tailor-made association business exchange environment.

Guests enjoyed unforgettable experiences at uniquely Gold Coast venues such as Sea World.

A combined venture between the Gold Coast Convention Bureau (GCCB) and the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre (GCCEC), the event represented the Australian arm of the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA).

ICCA Australia members from different venues and convention bureaus around Australia each invited a conference client to discuss their specific event requirements and promote their company and services to senior decision-makers actively looking for future destinations and venues.

Presenting a rich educational program which included guest speakers such as  Bruce Sullivan of Red Hot Relationships) and facilitated by Elizabeth Rich (former CEO of the Business Events Council of Australia – BECA), the ICCA Australia Client Supplier Business Workshop showcased the Gold Coast as a premier conference and meetings destination.

Guests experienced a number of Gold Coast venues during the event.

Guests experienced a number of iconic Gold Coast spots, among them Jupiters, the award winning hotel-casino complex, Seaworld, McLarens Landing on South Stradbroke Island and of course the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre where the business exchange workshop and gala dinner took place.

Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre’s general manager Adrienne Readings said the program brought value to ICCA members and clients not only through business exchange but also by participating in forum discussions and openly exchanging ideas as related to the industry.

“The ICCA Australia – Client/Supplier Business Workshop was not only a business networking event which provided a setting for members to showcase their venue and services, but also allowed both members and clients to build genuine relationships, creatively share ideas and really understand each other’s needs,” said Readings.

Guests visited a number of venues including the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre where the business exchange workshop and gala dinner took place.

“I think the event was a tremendous success bringing tangible benefits to both the members and the clients, and building relationships that went well beyond a business level.

“GCCEC and GCCB are extremely proud to have partnered for the ICCA Australia Business Workshop on the Gold Coast which I’m sure will set the benchmark for future ICCA networking events.”

ICCA Asia Pacific chairman Martin Winter said events such as this which bring clients, venues and destinations together are of enormous value.

“Even though we communicate on a regular basis there is nothing like having the opportunity to meet face to face to discuss the real issues which will determine where and how events will take place.

“I am sure that everyone who participated not only secured new business but also benefited greatly from this experience that ICCA has facilitated”.

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