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Sydney’s East Village Hotel brings back ‘The Swill’

As history saw it, Sydneysiders would rush out of the office at 5pm making a beeline for the nearest pub to make the most of the single hour of legal drinking the Federal Government had made available to them. and one Sydney venue has brought back the tradition of ‘The 6pm Swill’ from now until christmas.

Sydney’s East Village Hotel has decided to bring back this tradition with special drinks packages on offer every Thursday until Christmas from 5-6pm.

Tucked behind Sydney’s Oxford Street, The East Village is a hotel steeped in Sydney’s history and modern day culture. Beginning its life as a favourite haunt for Sydney underworld crime, playing host to Australian crime legend, Tilly Devine and was a centre piece to working class Sydney. Now The East Village Hotel plays host to Sydney-siders who want somewhere to come and enjoy fine food, fine wines and a whole host of great events and entertainment.

Sydney’s East  Village Hotel has paid homage to its sly grog past by bringing back the “The Swill’ and Former Glory, a pop-up venue paying tribute to the likes of former notorius  patrons Tilly Devine and Frank “The Little Gunman” Green”.

The iconic building, once known as the ‘Tradesmans Arms’ offers three levels of bars below what is arguably the best rooftop terrace in Sydney.
Bring your corpoate group upstairs to the 1920’s pop up bar called Former Glory where they can relive a little authentic Australian history when the city’s sly grog past offered patrons a way to escape the troubles of the 20s.

The historic East Village Hotel plays host to this exciting addition to the Sydney scene. The Hotel has been trading continuously on the site since 1918, and during the twenties played host to many of the era’s icons, including Tilly Devine and Frank “The Little Gunman” Green.

“We wanted to shed a little light on the storied history of our fantastic hotel, and offer our patrons something that references our own Australian drinking heritage,” said Dylan Fairweather, the current publican. “Former Glory brings back the best of what the Sly Grog era offered Sydneysiders, serving up something rather special.”

The Former Glory is open on the second floor of the East Village Wednesday through Saturday from 5 till 12.

The East Village Hotel also offers quality dining room eats as well as catering for functions.

 Click here for more information on holding events at the East Village Hotel or the pop up Former Glory.