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EEAA to hold networking event at Grand Designs Australia Live

A new live exhibition based on the hugely successful UK reality television show Grand Designs hits Australia for the first time next week – and the Exhibitions and Event Association of Australasia (EEAA) is staging its own Grand Designs Phenomenon.

EEAA’s networking event, The Grand Designs Phenomenon will provide EEAA members to get a sneak peak insight of Grand Designs Australia Live

The Grand Designs Phenomenon is a networking event that will provide EEAA members with an opportunity to gain a behind-the-scenes insight into Grand Designs, and will be held at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre on 21 October. It will be hosted at the inaugural Grand Designs Australia Live Exhibition, an official extension of the high-rating UK home renovation and design TV show, and of the all-new Australian series of the same name, hosted by Peter Maddison.

Demonstrating the enormous potential for creating new marketing channels connected with high-rating television programs, Grand Designs Australia Live will showcase the best in architecture and design for the home.

“Grand Designs Australia Live is an exciting new exhibition that capitalises on the current national passion for home improvements,” said Joyce DiMascio, general manager of EEAA.

“This exhibition shows the power of live events as marketing channels. It demonstrates that exhibitions work effectively as a marketing tool that can connect to already successful products – television lifestyle programs, in this case. Exhibitions can give businesses access to leverage off new markets attached to other, already established marketing channels.”

“Australia is one of the world’s leading business events destinations, and EEAA is proud to have the opportunity to showcase this inaugural exhibition to its members,” she said.

The EEAA networking event, aimed at exhibition and event industry professionals, will provide an opportunity for members in this thriving sector to build business and peer-to-peer relationships, while learning about the latest trends in home designs.

The networking event is on Friday 21 October, 6:00-8:00pm at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, and is open to all members of EEAA.

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