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Adidas and Canadian Club go ‘Into the Wild’ in Melbourne

Alcohol brand Canadian Club, recently supported the launch of Adidas’s outdoor collaboration range with boot company RANSOM at a recent Melbourne. 

The new range was showcased in an immersive wilderness environment at Rokeby Studios in Melbourne’s Collingwood area. Themed to represent a log cabin, the atmosphere transported guests to the rugged Canadian forests with the help of a snow machine and large wilderness projections.

Wilderness projections helped set the theme for the event.

Brand director Trent Chapman acknowledges that partnering with adidas was a strategic move for Canadian Club and the recent Boonie’s Over Beer? campaign.

“We know that there is a trend developing whereby Australian’s are drinking less beer and looking for refreshing alternatives. The adidas RANSOM event was a great opportunity to tap into the target market who is leading that trend,” said Chapman.

Snow machines and all things canadian themed the Melbourne venue.

Guests enjoyed refreshing Canadian Club and Dry RTD’s as they browsed the collection, specifically designed for people who like to escape the city in style. Fusing the wilderness with fashion, function and an urban lifestyle.

Over 300 guests enjoyed the lumberjack themed festivities, embracing the refreshing, but wild, Canadian outdoors.

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