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Adventure travel and art mix in Sydney

Adventurist world travel and fine Australian art joined forces last Thursday (Dec 9) to produce an evening of elegance, culture, and intrigue as Lukas Christoph Baumann – the man who drove his Volvo from Switzerland to the 2009 Melbourne Cup – made a presentation to a select crowd of guests at the studio of renowned Sydney-based bronze sculptress Linda Klarfeld.

Linda Klarfeld and Lukas Baumann

The Swiss Consulate General, Markus Meliwas emceed the evening, which celebrated the work of both Baumann and Klarfeld, an artist who has been commissioned by some of Australia’s most well-known business identities.

Melbourne based event organising consultancy SRS Productions, headed by Stephanie Ryan-Smith, managed several key aspects of the event, which saw guests flown in to Sydney from France, Spain, China and Switzerland to attend the special night.

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