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Sydney’s iconic ARIA restaurant launches ARIA Catering

The ARIA experience has gone Sydney wide, with the launch of Matt Moran and Peter Sullivan’s latest venture, ARIA Catering at an exclusive event held last Wednesday (17 November).

With ARIA Catering, the team behind one of Sydney’s most celebrated culinary success stories will meet demand for spectacular, conceptual and unique catering for events and private functions in and around Sydney.

Guests were treated to a wide array of specialty catering, courtesy of ARIA catering.

“People have been asking us for ages to cater for special events and private functions, but we’ve been blown away by the increase in these sorts of requests over the last twelve months,” said ARIA co-owner Matt Moran.

“When it comes to events, there’s demand in Sydney for something different to make it memorable. It doesn’t matter if the event’s for a few friends or a thousand people, it needs to make its mark. And the people who have been asking us to consider this sort of thing have switched on to the fact that having remarkable food is an easy way to make their event special.

Chef Simon Sandall (left) and ARIA co-owner Matt Moran

“Like our restaurants, ARIA Catering will be all about excellent food using great produce. We’re not offering standard packages; every event will get its own menu based on what’s in season, with creations that bring occasions and themes to life,” Moran said.

ARIA Catering will be delivered by the kitchen and event production teams behind ARIA and its sister company, Opera Point Events, which has managed the function spaces at the Sydney Opera House for over five years. Simon Sandall, who was ARIA head chef for eight years before taking on his current role as head chef of Opera Point Events, will manage the kitchen side of the ARIA team’s latest venture.

“It’s amazing to see how Australia has embraced good food since we opened ARIA Sydney ten years ago. The appreciation of quality produce and a thirst for knowledge of what you can do with it has definitely become part of popular culture,” said ARIA Catering co-owner, Peter Sullivan.

“It’s pretty common for someone to try a dish in the restaurant or at an Opera House event, and ask for the recipe so they can try it at home. They want to know where we sourced our ingredients, and the best way to prepare those ingredients,” Peter continued.

ARIA Catering will be available for bespoke events at out of home venues, public venues and private residences across the greater Sydney region.