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Chef Wanitha Tanasingam set to wok your team with VictorsFood

Chef Wanitha Tanasingam and VictorsFood launch tasty new team building options as they welcome an old friend into its team. Chef Wanitha Tanasingam, affectionately dubbed ‘The Wan’, is a living, breathing Asian cuisine icon who is ready to ‘wok’ your teambuilding program

Having worked together in many ventures over the years, ‘The Wan’ and VictorsFood Executive Chef Victor Pisapia founded the first cooking team building company in Australia in 2002 and then headed in different directions. Together again, they have developed two new hands-on cooking team building options.

Culinary icon Wanitha ‘The Wan’ Tanasingam has joined up with VictorsFood for a tasy new team building option

Wok into Action is an ‘Asian Action Adventure’. This 3.5 hour event will take your team on a journey through the flavours of Asia. Wanitha will build tailored team building metaphors through ingredients, recipes and techniques. Bring ancient philosophy into everyday action using the alchemy of the kitchen to transform your team into gold.

Wok On! is a one hour event where teams can participate or simply watch The Wan and the VictorsFood team cook up a range of Asian specialities. This high-energy event is a great way to fire up a product launch, conference icebreaker or motivational presentation, not to mention an enticing way to serve canapés. This fiery interactive cooking experience will delight and entertain your guests.

“Victor [Pisapia] and I have a very similar approach to cooking, eating and living. We both believe that you need to respect your ingredients, respect the earth and above all, enjoy your life,” says Tanasingam. “Cooking together is a really easy way to enhance a team’s sense of cohesion as well as their collective joyfulness, a factor that should not be underestimated. I am very excited to be sharing my knowledge and passion for Asian cuisine with new audiences by partnering with VictorsFood.”

For more information on these newly-launched team experiences through VictorsFood, click here.

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