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Lady Lux Gets Sexy Again

By Gwen O’Toole

Sydney’s Lady Lux nightclub has undergone a sexy new transformation and is ready to open its doors next Wednesday (14 October) with a new look and custom designed piranha tank.

Opened in 2003 by Proprietor Scott Bayly the venue ran successfully for five years before closing for complete renovations. The venue is ready to reopen and seduce event organisers and socialites with a new level of sophistication and style.

“The owners have asked me to design a new more upmarket, lush version of the longstanding venue,” said Sydney designer Thomas Bucich. “In these times of doom and gloom, our clients are looking to create a new environment that exudes sexiness and luxury,” he said adding that the new look will be a blend of Baroque meets James Bond.

New features in the club will include the Piranha tank, custom one off carpet incorporating the Lady Lux logo, an exclusive upholstered Absolut members room, a Tanquery Martini Bar, a focus on wines with champagne provided by Bollinger, state of the art technology and finishes all presented in a lush environment.

Lady Lux is available for exclusive events, product launches and private parties. For more information on holding an event at Lady Lux click here.