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Festival Experts Speak Out at Newly Launched Seminars

The Australian Centre for Event Management (ACEM) has launched a series of new seminars focussing on festival management, securing event sponsorship as well as event creation and design.

Held from September 30 to October 2, at the University of Technology Sydney, the ACEM Seminars provide short practical workshops with highly experienced industry experts from Australia and overseas, including Paul Gudgin, Director of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and Malcolm Moir, head of business development for the Sydney Festival.

“With many event managers and graduate students looking to up-skill and add value to themselves in an existing role, the short courses present a fantastic opportunity to gain specialised skills that are relevant to events of any size or budget,” said ACEM director, Robert Harris.

“From getting your event sponsored in tough economic times, to the highly practical Festival Master Class, the ACEM Seminars provides invaluable training for anyone looking to build their existing skills or get a head-start in the highly competitive events industry.”

According to event coordinator and former ACEM student Yasmin Uzunlar, the specialised short courses gave her a unique advantage in a tough job market, providing essential training and practical advice.

“The Australian Centre for Event Management not only gave me internationally recognised training and credentials, but also improved my confidence and strategic thinking,” she said, adding that while many have experienced job cutbacks in the industry, the courses have added value to her employer.

The seminars include:

Sponsorship in Tough Times –September 30
Hosted by Malcolm Moir, head of business development for the Sydney Festival. Moir’s career has spanned the arts and sport in Australia and overseas, with positions including Sponsorship Sales at the Sydney Organising Committee for the Olympic Games, and Director of Development at Opera Australia.

This workshop provides an understanding of the current global economic climate and its impact on sponsorship. It will explore securing event revenue in an increasingly competitive environment using case studies and class exercises. It will also teach creative alternative models to traditional sponsorship, techniques for recruiting sponsors and managing ongoing relationships with potential investors.

Event Creation and Design – October 1
Hosted by the internationally acclaimed designer and art director, Kerri Ainsworth, this workshop teaches how innovative design concepts can improve events – looking at the entire process from client brief to execution. The workshop will cover different case studies from gala dinners and exhibition stands to conferences and special events, as well as how to use sustainable materials and processes in event design.

Festival Management Master Class –October 1-2
Paul Gudgin, director of the Edinburg Fringe Festival since 1999, will present this two-day program for anyone with an interest in the management of festivals and events. This practical course provides creative ideas, latest knowledge and innovative skills essential for creating successful festivals and community events. From understanding why some festival towns and cities work better than others, to approaching sponsors and building a successful festival program from scratch, this workshop will benefit anyone interested in planning events and festivals of any size.

All courses are held at UTS Haymarket Campus. For more information click here or email [email protected]