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Get The Most From Your Show Stand: Part One

In the lead up to both RSVP Sydney 09 and The Australian Business Events Expo next week in Sydney’s Darling Harbour, the Exhibition and Event Association of Australia (EEAA) has offered exhibitors some helpful hints on getting the most from their presence at the shows.

Follow along over the next three editions of SpiceNews and discover how to get more bang for your buck before, during and after the show.

Marketing is a peculiar discipline, often full of impenetrable jargon and complex strategising. But when simplified down to its basic truths, one thing remains clear: exhibitions are one of the most powerful marketing mediums of them all.

More so than others, an exhibition harnesses the five senses, enabling companies to answer questions, overcome objections and, most importantly, build relationships with loyal customers and exciting prospects.

To make the most of an exhibition, here are a few simple things to keep in mind before, during and after the event.

Preparing the ground: What to do BEFORE the show

Set specific goals:
• Define your company’s key exhibition objective – is it generating 200 sales leads? Launching a new product to customers and the media? Meeting 25 qualified new prospects? Whatever it may be, establishing specific, measurable goals is imperative before every exhibition.

Plan the stand to meet goals:
• Stand location, design and activities should all reflect key objectives.
• Let goals be the guide; is there a need for technical staff to explain detailed applications, or top manager to meet blue-chip decision makers?

Take advantage of sponsorship opportunities:
• Sponsorship can be an effective way to stand out from the crowd.
• Off-the-shelf packages at most budget levels are usually available; from sponsored seminar theatres to signage.
• Speak to the exhibition organiser and make time to discuss these options in detail.

Want to know more? Come back for part two on Thursday (16 July)  and part three (21 July) or visit the recently launched site for free booklets on generating more business through exhibitions and becoming a better exhibitor.

For more information on the Event and Exhibition Association of Australia click here.

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