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Indian Train to Take MICE Market by Storm

Tempo Holidays is expecting big demand from the MICE sector, following the Australian launch of the Maharajas’ Express, India’s newest ultra-luxury train.

The Maharajas’ Express

Tempo Holidays has opened bookings for the Maharajas’ Express services which start in January 2010.

The 24-carriage Maharajas’ Express, which travels between Mumbai and Kolkata via Delhi, will be “absolutely unique” in terms of quality, comfort, experience, luxury, inclusions and itinerary, setting a new standard for exploring India by rail, according to Tempo Holidays – general manager product and commercial, Nigel Loveday.

“It is perfect for the MICE market,” he said. “This will be a very stylish, stunning product, the most exciting new development of rail travel in a country so rich in history, cultures, food and scenery.

“As with the rail travel style of the Maharajas of old there will be a sense of royalty about this train.

“This product will appeal to our discerning independent traveller customer base which seeks high-value wow factor experiences, in comfort,” he said.

The train will operate northbound from Mumbai to Delhi over 8 days and then Delhi to Kolkata over seven days. From Kolkata the train will operate southbound journeys over the same sectors.

For bookings, contact Tempo Holidays on 1300 558 987.

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