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Off-Road Adventure in Mongolia

By Ian Neubauer

An expatriate Australian is running an adventure company in Mongolia that offers all-inclusive motorbike and dune buggy tours of the arid Central Asian nation.

Is this fun or what? Dune buggy in action in Mongolia

Kevin Murray launched Outback Mongolia in 2005 and has gone on to host groups and individual thrill seekers from Australia, China, Europe and the US.

“When I first arrived I was basically stuck for something to do and realised that the country was ideal for off road riding, a passion of old,” he said. “I spent the next two years riding round, from Gobi in the south to Hosgul the north getting to know the place. During this time I decided that we could expand and turned it into a work opportunity for my family.”

Outback Mongolia offers a range of weeklong tour that give participants a fist-hand experience of life in the Mongolia. Participants sleep in traditional tents called yurts and get to interact with locals throughout the tour.

The company has a variety of off-road motorbikes and also offers dune buggies that can be used by anyone with a car driver’s license.

“It was a great experience to get out and away from business on motorbikes,” said Lloyd Bromfield, an Australian banker based in China who participated in a tour in 2007. “It’s really a bloke thing though I think it wouldn’t be out of place for a woman to be there.”

Outback Mongolia operates from July to September each year.

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