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Save on Travel Insurance with AAMI

As many Australians head off on summer holidays, penny-pinching should be the last thing on their minds. However, the current economic climate means, this year, Aussies are looking for ways to save without compromising their holiday experience.

AAMI is helping Australians do just that — with the introduction of low-cost travel insurance. A recent survey conducted by the leading insurer found that almost half of all Australian travellers (46 per cent) said they felt ‘ripped off’ when purchasing travel insurance prior to going overseas , while one quarter (26 per cent) of travellers said travel insurance was an added cost they couldn’t afford.

With AAMI’s new International Travel Insurance policy, customers can expect to pay approximately 50 per cent less than they were to purchase insurance from a travel agent.

AAMI corporate affairs manager, Mike Sopinski, said it was not surprising Australian travellers would prefer to spend their hard-earned cash on travel. “Nearly all the travellers we surveyed (95 per cent) said they felt safer on their holiday knowing they were covered. But this peace of mind shouldn’t come at a high cost,” he said.
“Savvy travellers who shop around can you will find significant savings. But the key is to make sure you do your research before you decide on the right policy for you.”

The research also showed that Australians, with the money they could save by buying an AAMI policy, would be most likely to splash out on a hotel room upgrade (20 per cent), followed by a meal at an expensive restaurant (18 per cent) and a bottle of bubbly to drink while they’re on holiday (14 per cent).  

“Smart travellers would say that if you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel. But with AAMI International Travel Insurance, holidays — and peace of mind — just got a little more affordable,” Sopinski said.