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DJ Launches Boutique Music and Entertainment Agency

By Ian Neubauer

A Sydney DJ has launched The Groove Academy — a boutique entertainment and DJ booking agency.

The Groove Academy represents some of the finest live acts and DJs in Australia, with a genuine commitment to performing great music.

It also offers consultation for festivals, clubs, corporate and community events, performance programming, production management for venues including all audio, staging & lighting equipment, and music consultancy.

The Grove Academy provides tailored music and
entertainment for small- and large-scale events

The Groove Academy has been engaged by clients like Sanity, Australia’s largest music retailer, to set up merchandising, layout and record buying at its Dance Arena stores in NSW; provided DJs and artists for the Sydney Mardi Gras, Big Day Out and the Harbour Party; and consulted to Foxtel and Austar.  

“When it’s selected well and played beautifully, music can unite and entertain people from all walks of life – it’s a simple idea that takes equal parts passion, talent and skill for the magic to happen,” said The Groove Director founder, Scott Pullen. “And when it does, you know it’s worth it.”

For more information on The Groove Academy, click here.


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