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A World-First Environmental Move by Radisson on Flagstaff Melbourne

In another show of its environmental commitment, Radisson on Flagstaff Gardens Melbourne has become the world’s first customer for water packaged in bio-compostable plastic bottles.

Radisson on Flagstaff Gardens Melbourne

South Australian company Goody Environment’s plastic additive technology enables single-use plastic to completely biodegrade and compost into the environment without any toxic residue.
General manager of the popular MICE hotel, Steve Finlayson, said he discovered the technology when reviewing his hotel’s environment management program which in the last 18 months has reduced power consumption by 70 per-cent, reduced land fill by 70 per-cent and saved 22 per-cent on water consumption.

“Guests responded to our suggestion to have quicker showers and use fewer lights in their rooms and they like the idea of the new environmentally-friendly water bottles,” he said.
“I have undertaken a great deal of research into the water bottles, which have become a worldwide way of life but a significant polluter and recycle cost, so when I discovered this technology was on our doorstep, we decided to place the bottled water in our 184 guest rooms.”

Bottles and other plastic applications (like product packaging) containing the additive can be disposed responsibly in normal green waste for Industrial Composting and returning the carbon to the soil as a soil conditioner, thereby avoiding handling and processing costs associated with plastic recycling, according to David Thompson, Managing Director of Goody who confirmed that the hotel was its world-first customer of Goody water bottles which have been packaged under the Billabong Beverages brand.
 Martin Myers, managing director of Billabong Beverages said: “Billabong Beverage is very excited with its association with both Goody and The Radisson on Flagstaff Gardens Melbourne. Goody Plastic Technology is cutting edge and a definite answer to ease the burden on land fill and with the added advantage that it also is bio compositable. It’s a win-win for everyone. I would like to thank Steve for his vision and hard work to help promote a cleaner environment for us all.”

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