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New Gallery and Event Space Proposed for MCA

By Ian Neubauer

Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) unveiled a plan yesterday (December 10) to construct a new $50-million Cubist wing in a car park adjacent to the existing art-deco structure.

The proposed six-story structure will include gallery spaces, a lecture room, a library and rooftop café and event space to complement those already on offer at the museum.

The proposed new Cubist wing for Sydney’s MCA

MCA director, Elizabeth Ann Macgregor, said the proposal responds to demands for increasing attendance, with the museum recording 500,000 museum visitors and 100,000 event visitors in the past 12 moths.

“The redevelopment will transform the MCA to create a truly national and international institution serving the audiences of the future,” she said.

Added MCA chairman, Andrew Love: “The new function spaces and café will not only provide for the needs of our audience but will help to provide financial stability for the Museum into the future.”

The Rubik’s Cube-inspired wing will feature a prominent new entrance to provide access for visitors from the Quay Side and George Street. It will also offer panoramic views of the harbour and Opera House and incorporate a seawater heat exchange technology that will reduce energy expenditure by up to 30 per cent.

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