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McDonald’s Hosts Extravagant WhoDunnit Event

By Lisa Barnes

To celebrate the launch of the new seared chicken range, a McDonald’s restaurant in Sydney was transformed into the ultimate ‘WhoDunnit’ event last night (November 17). 

A high-stakes, highly entertaining WhoDunnit went
inside a McDonald’s Sydney restaurant last night

As guests entered the ‘Arch Mansion’, they were greeted by a hunchback doorman who led them to the scene of the crime — a specially themed old fashioned library compete with candelabras, cobwebs and fog.

As a string quartet played eerie music, guests were assigned a character complete with prop before chief investigator Hercule Poulet proceeded to explain the night’s proceedings.

Between a lot of laughs and some bumbling detective work from Hercule, guests delved through a series of clues to solve the kidnapping and identify a final culprit. 

Once their detective work was wrapped up, they enjoyed a dinner featuring the six new menu items from McDonald’s seared chicken range.

It follows the restaurant chain’s successful introduction of a new Crispy Chicken menu launched last year.