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Whale Watching Cruise Offers Money-Back Guarantee

By Ian Neubauer

A Sydney tour operator is offering a money back guarantee for its whale watching cruises until the end of July.

True Blue Cruises will refund the full ticket price to any group or individual who does not see a whale on its half-day cruise throughout June and July — the months of the migration season during which whales are known to frolic in Sydney Harbour.

Described as one of “nature’s greatest spectacles”, the tour offers passengers a close up experience with humpback whales as they launch themselves out of the water and emit hauntingly beautiful songs to attract partners.

Minke whales, southern right whales, dolphins, seals and penguins are also often seen on the tour.

True Blue Cruises marketing manager, Jihane Farah, said the half-day cruise can be customised to meet the needs of business travellers.

“We don’t approach event companies because we usually fulfil the capacity of the vessel, and the length of the tour can make it difficult for business travellers to attend,” she said. “But you can still enquire to have access to another one of our vessels that would run a similar schedule with a different style.”

True Blue Cruises depart daily from Darling Harbour at 9:00am and 1:00pm. For more information, click here.